[OpenSIPS-Users] IPv6 RTPProxy Bug

Sidwell, David david.sidwell at necect.com
Fri Dec 12 18:22:46 CET 2014

The pull request has been opened.

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Hi, Dave!

Can you please open a pull request in github[1] with this fix?

[1] https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips


Răzvan Crainea

OpenSIPS Solutions

On 12/11/2014 05:40 PM, Sidwell, David wrote:

I have discovered a bug in the 1.11 RTPProxy Module when using IPv6 addressing.
When the command to RTPProxy is discovered to contain an IPv6 address in “rtpproxy.c” function:

“int force_rtp_proxy_body(struct sip_msg* msg, struct force_rtpp_args *args, pv_spec_p var)”

The option “6” is appended to the options being passed to RTP Proxy, however the length component within the I/O vector is not increased.
Therefore the option is not detected by the RTPProxy process and the IPv6 is not preloaded which can result in an RTP Proxy deadlock.

@Line 3725 (rtpproxy.c)

            /* XXX must compare address families in all addresses */
            if (pf == AF_INET6) {
                if (append_opts(&opts, '6') == -1) {
                    LM_ERR("out of pkg memory\n");
                    goto error;
==>         //DAVES - Accommodate new opts length
==>         v[1].iov_len++;

I have currently added the above change to my opensips source code in order to work past this problem.




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