[OpenSIPS-Users] NAT + USRLOC , fix receiving client

Milos Mosovsky milos.mosovsky at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 14:55:26 CEST 2013

Hello, im facing strange issue , and i cant fix it for a week

I have nathelper + rtpproxy + ursloc with DB mode.

Im sucesfully connecting clients between NAT and have 2 way audio but
im facing issue when :

Client A  sip:1000 - public interface
Client B sip:2000 - beind NAT

I sucesfully register these clients , and have in usrloc their public
IP adresses, they can sucesfully call , and they hear each other BUT

Requests from A to B , are pointing to private address. I dont know
from were opensips takes local address from Client B , when in usrloc
is public addres.

So when client A send BYE to Client B , it fails because it is
pointing to his private adress.

Also i cant fix it because client A has public address and when i try
uac_nat_test, it returns false because client which is sending request
is not behind nat.

So how i can fix request  from sip:1000 at public to sip:2000 at privateip

Opensips does not detect tis request as behind nat so
fix_nated_contact() does not works. Also it should not works because
fix_nated_conctact is trying to fix client who is REQESTING command
but how i fix uri of client wo is RECEIVING command? Thanks a lot!

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