[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS and Asterisk integration

Nick Khamis symack at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 21:43:27 CEST 2013

Make sure that you have host=dynamic on both the general level (i.e.,
sip.conf) and at the
peer level (i.e., extensions, sip_peers in the database etc...)


On 4/13/13, sjs205 <sjs205.linux at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm going round and round in circles trying to integrate openSIPS and
> asterisk using the tutorial found at:
> http://www.opensips.org/Resources/DocsTutAsterisk18
> I have managed to get openSIPS installed and starting without errors
> using the configuration scripts included in the above tutorial. I have
> also installed Asterisk 1.8 from the ubuntu repo and have managed to get
> this working to.
> The problem comes when I follow the final section of the tutorial - 1.9
> How to use it.
> I can do everything up to the "Test Voicemail" section where I am trying
> to register my user using twinkle on a separate host. - I've added the
> following to my /etc/hosts file on the twinkle client machine:
>    test.com   test.com
> 192...20 is the openSIPS server, with "test.com" being the domain
> assigned to the new sip user, alice, created. I know that this resolves
> perfectly...
> Whenever I try to register the user alice, I get the following error
> from Asterisk:
> [Apr 13 19:45:47] ERROR[1706]: chan_sip.c:14798 register_verify: Peer
> 'alice' is trying to register, but not configured as host=dynamic
> [Apr 13 19:45:47] NOTICE[1706]: chan_sip.c:24905
> handle_request_register: Registration from '"alice"
> <sip:alice at swannsips.com>' failed for '' - Peer is not
> supposed to register
>  From looking at the Asterisk documentation I see that this *seems* to
> be correct since we do not declare the new users with "host=dynamic" in
> the database.
> Is this correct and the fact that the tutorial tells one to "register"
> the user an error? Or is there clearly something else I am missing?
> Any help on this would be greatly appreciated since I've spent the
> better part of the last week trying to resolve this, including trying to
> change the database layout itself to support "host=dynamic" - see my
> post on the asterisk forum here:
> http://forums.asterisk.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=86342 although that
> didn't really help much...
> Kind regards,
> Steven

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