[OpenSIPS-Users] SIP REGISTRATION behaves differently for LAN-based and web-based opensips

Mark Currie mark at ziliant.com
Fri Dec 14 11:37:48 CET 2012

I have a test setup with two VoIP clients using OpenSIPS on a LAN and it
works fine i.e. I can make calls. However, when I move the server onto the
Internet the SIP REGISTER request fails with "408 Request Timeout".


I know that the Internet server gets the SIP request as I can see the
transaction counter increment using opensips monitor. The client also gets
the 408 response so it can't be a NAT/Firewall problem.


My LAN uri looks like <sip:voip1:password at>

My Internet uri is the same except that the IP address is the Internet
server's IP address.


Could it be something to do with the fact that I am simply using the SIP
server IP address in the REGISTER message instead of a domain name?


Best regards

Mark Currie

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