[OpenSIPS-Users] Dialog Module - topology_hiding

Peter King payamk at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 06:32:18 CEST 2012

A quick question for the group: In reading Dialog module's topology_hiding
feature the following is mentioned:

"The great advantage of using the topology hiding functionality built
inside dialog module is that you can use all the dialog modules
functionalities: profiles, dialog variables, dialog timeouts, etc.."

While it's true that default_timeout and a value set for timeout_avp are
enforced, is it possible to use the BYE on timeout and ping callee/caller
features available with create_dialog("BPb")? topology_hiding does not take
any parameters within the parenthesis it seems. Is there a plan on the
roadmap to add BYE on timeout and pinging to topology_hiding?

Also, when the timeout limit is reached, BYE messages are not trasmitted
from upstream to downstream, which is expected, however, CDRs are also not
written for such calls. Is this function as designed or a bug?


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