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Hi Sam,

What do you say this link will work for me to fulfill the desired requirement:



Best Regards,

Faisal Rehman

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So, it comes to weighted Load balancing !! 
1- Intelligent use of resources column in DB can work for you. i.e define resources allocation per MediaServer specs.
2- Adding multiple same "dst_uri"s for hig-end servers i.e if you want 4:1 distribution then add 4 entries of same server and one of the second one.
Thats just my idea.


On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 12:34 PM, Faisal Rehman <faisal.rehman22 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Everyone,
>I have been working on the Load Balancing project of OpenSIPS & I have been successful yet in case of normal balancing, but now I want to move towards prioritised load balancing. Let me explain this for you, for example if I am having few Asterisk or Free-switch servers & the servers have different resource & memory specifications from highest (let's say 48G RAM) to lowest (let's say 4G RAM), so I want the most powerful servers to be used first & then the load is gradually distributed to the least & least & least server depending upon its resource & memory power.
>So is that something I can do & if it is possible then how can I achieve that?
>Best Regards,
>Faisal Rehman
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