[OpenSIPS-Users] remote user provisioning from java client

Barsan Liviu barsanl at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 1 15:50:14 CEST 2011

Salut Bogdan,

The remote user provisioning would be obviously simple without firewalls and 
nat, my idea was to bypass these via web services. 
Now I think we will do like the Add User from CP, via http request to the admin 
apache-php server.


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Salut Liviu,

the XMPRPC interface is used only if you want to "talk" directly to     
opensips, which is not really needed in order to provision users -     OpenSIPS 
gets info about users from database, so in order to do a     user provisioning 
system you just need to operate over a database     (particular to opensips, the 
subscriber table for storing the users     and credentials)


On 06/29/2011 03:45 PM, Barsan Liviu wrote: 
>We need remote user provisioning (add/update/delete             a user) and this 
>should be done             from remote java application. Obviously the CP or             
>osipsconsole isn't adequate and we didn't found it in the             exposed 
>MI-XMLRPC  methods to call it. Until now we found             just one way, to 
>generate http post from java to the admin             server ('inspired' from CP 
>), but would be better if we can             do it via XMLRPC.
>How can we add XMLRPC methods to the             already existings?
--  Bogdan-Andrei Iancu OpenSIPS solutions and "know-how"
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