[OpenSIPS-Users] Two Opensips proxies sharing the same DB

Victor Gamov vit at euro-comm.net
Mon Jan 31 13:30:35 CET 2011

Hi All

On 20.01.2011 23:44, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu wrote:
> Jeff Pyle wrote:
>>>> We're looking to add a second Opensips instance on a separate server
>>>> for failover. Or, from an operational perspective, it could be
>>>> described as "active-active" since both will be available at any one
>>>> time. We'll control the traffic flow to the proxies with the SRV
>>>> records used by the clients.
>>>> Looking through the db tables used, it seems there may be some
>>>> conflict with the location and dialog tables.
>>>> The usrloc module clearly saves the local socket used during the
>>>> registration. Is there a way to tell Opensips 1.6 to ignore this when
>>>> loading the record?
>>> socket;s are discarded at load time if not local.
>> I run db_mode=3 to keep everything current in the db. The performance is
>> acceptable (MySQL cluster helps). If I understand you correctly: on a
>> shared table, if I save() a registration on Proxy A, but then load() it
>> into Proxy B, Proxy B will ignore it since the socket is non-local.
> the socket is ignored, not the record - the record will be used, but the
> socket info discarded

It's may be useful if lookup() will return IP-address of proxy which 
save() info into DB.  This IP-address may be used to generate 305 "Use 
proxy" in "shared DB environment"

Victor Gamov
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