[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS as regional/national office solution

Sean Kelly skchopperguy at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 22:21:21 CET 2011

Hello all,

 I am new to OpenSIPS but have a problem which I believe OpenSIPS can solve.
Due to the power of OpenSIPS there are many ways to solve any particular
issue it seems. I wondered if the expertise of the group would assist in
pointing me in a relevant direction with regards to where to focus my
education into a solution using OpenSIPS.

 We currently have 10 very old pbx's, 1 at each office and these connect
directly to the telco. As such, the calls between offices are charged
long-distance. All offices have more than adequate Internet connectivity.
What I would like to do is put * servers in each region where office phones
will register with the central * and have those trunk to OpenSIPS which will
direct internal calls between servers (free national calls), and also keep
track of calls out to the PSTN to match/compare with telco billing. OpenSIPS
will trunk to a CLEC providing inbound/outbound service. Some offices are
>=40ms from head office, some are as high as 110ms.

Goals: Single domain, regionally dispersed, free internal calls nationally,
high-availability (region & national), single or load-balanced in/out from
CLEC and bill tracking.


1. The CLEC charges trunk setup fees, so is it feasible to have all in/out
PSTN calls going through OpenSIPS nationally so as to only have 1 or 2
trunks with provider? (as opposed to 10)
2. Should I have 2 OpenSIPS in this scenario with each regional *
trunking/fail-over to each or have 2 OpenSIPS+Asterisk setup regionally with
each region trunking to CLEC? .. or both?
3. Which modules / combination of modules would you recommend I focus on to
achieve the above goals?
4. CID is important as well, internal & pstn. Does OpenSIPS simply
pass-through CID or do I need to look into scripting a solution for this to
work like a traditional telco? (do not see CID passing in lab).
5. For inbound, how would I direct calls to the appropriate regional *
6. How would you break this down to ease the start of the complete solution?
ie: focus on national inbound/outbound or regional first?

 Presently I have graduated from the OpenSIPS_Live_DVD_VM to having OpenSIPS
installed/setup & working with phones in my lab on Debian 5. Have been
following the OpenSIPS telephony book and also watching videos and reading
articles on opensips.org which have all been excellent resources so far in
getting me through the basics.

  Any suggestions on which modules or part of the solution I should focus on
next? General comments / suggestions?


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