[OpenSIPS-Users] newbee question: web phone application

Bernhard Finkbeiner bernhard.finkbeiner at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 23:17:08 CET 2011


I am a web developer and am very new to VoIP. So please forgive me if
this email should not be suitable for this mailing list. In this case,
I would appreciate a tip to where I could ask my question (see below).

We are building an online community where users should be able to
contact specific community members via a call button (i.e. a VoIP web
phone). The user and the community member should not have to install
any additional software to do so.

An example:

User A visits the website and will see a list of X members which are
momentarily logged in to our website (i.e., they are "online"). Next
to each member's name is a call button. User A can now click on a call
button of a member he wants to talk to. Let's say, user A calls member
B by clicking on member B's call button. Now the web phone would have
to ring on member B's side and if he answers they can have a web call
using their computers with microphone and speakers (or headset, of

As an option, it would be nice if member B could also provide his
phone number in his profile such that such a VoIP call gets forwarded
to his phone.

Another nice option would be the possibility if the calls could also
go to member B's SIP / VoIP mobile phone or any other device that is
capable of receiving such phone calls.

Now my questions: I found client software (e.g. doddlephone) for this
problem but I have no idea about the (SIP) server side of the problem.
Could we set up such a server with opensips? Or do you know companies
that provide such a service? I would be grateful for any tips and
hints into the right direction.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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