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Erik Dekkers erik.dekkers at wvds.nl
Wed Feb 2 09:37:13 CET 2011


This question is asked many time before :). Kamailio and OpenSIPS have the same roots. However,  they differ more and more over time since each project is going it's own way.
Bogdan has made a nice description of his (and the community's) vision on the future of Opensips: http://www.opensips.org/Development/NewDesign

I would say: install both in e.g. a VMware environment and use what you like most. I've installed both kamailio and opensips and selected opensips in the end. My reason for choosing opensips:

-          Opensips is from my point of view more 'cleaner'. My experience with Kamailio was that it's looks pretty chaotic with the pre - past 3.0 modules/configs. For a beginner and noob like me that's not very useful

-          Opensips has a active IRC channel where you can ask questions and get (mostly) direct response.

-          Book (https://www.packtpub.com/building-telephony-systems-with-opensips-1-6/book  ) of opensips to study.

-          EbootCamp (http://www.opensips.org/Training/EBootcamp )to learn hands-on how opensips is working. All done via the Internet and good source for study either.

Again, everything above is based on my own experience. But if you asked me, I definitely would recommend OpenSIPS.


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Hello Community,

I've a question about OpenSIPS; Kamailio and OpenSIPS are the same application right? i mean, both are Proxy servers for high enterprise productions environmets...what i want to know is if there is any difference between them? why the Kamailio community is higher than OpenSIPS community, or at least seems to be like this...or not?

Best Regards
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