[OpenSIPS-Users] My OpenSIPS apparently ignoring 100s

Jock McKechnie jock.mckechnie at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 18:39:20 CET 2011


I apologise in advance for this one. I _know_ I screwed it up, but I just
cannot see how. I'm sure it's something blazingly obvious, but I just cannot
find it and it's driving me nuts.

I've written an OpenSIPS config that uses an external perl 'helper' to do an
LCR lookup (it incorporates a bunch more things that the built-in OpenSIPS
LCR can't do, elsewise I'd use it), I've rewritten the configuration several
times over, and somewhere along the way I've borked it, I guess. When the
system receives a call it'll do the LCR lookup, find a route, and sends the
call out to that route.
The gateway it sends the call to responds with a '100 Trying'.... and then a
second later OpenSIPS sends the INVITE again, and gets another '100 Trying'.
And then a second later, OpenSIPS sends the INVITE again, etc. Even when the
call comes up, sometimes OpenSIPS isn't "seeing" the '200 OK' and continues
sending INVITES until it times out the call.

I've pasted the whole config here - I hate to gobsmack people with the
inanity and insanity of the config, remember it is in development, but I
think I really need to show 'everything' to have someone work out what the
heck I'm doing wrong here.


Thank you very much for your help!

 - Jock
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