[OpenSIPS-Users] Need help with siptrace - trace_dialog and traced_avp_user.

Alan Frisch frisch.alan at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 17:27:54 CET 2010

Been pulling out what's left of my hair on this one...

I'm trying to get the siptrace module to record calls only using the
trace_dialog() command at the initial invite.  When I put the command
in the invite route, everything works as it should.

Now I am trying to get OpenSIPs to use the avp_traced_user parameter,
so that it inserts the username where it can (even if not
authenticated yet).  But combination I try, using flags/not using
flags, sip_trace() or dialog_trace() ends up with incomplete or
duplicate entries with the username/no username in the sip_trace

Is there a simple way of getting trace_dialog like output (initial
invite to final BYEs, including ACKS), but have the traced_user field
user set (even if the from user hasn't been authenticated yet)?

Many thanks.

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