[OpenSIPS-Users] limiting the number of gateways tried in lcr module

Andrew Pogrebennyk andrew.pogrebennyk at portaone.com
Thu May 28 14:34:22 CEST 2009

Brett Nemeroff wrote:
> You should be able to track this with avps. What version are you running? I
> know that in at least the newer versions of opensips, this
> is definitely supported:http://www.opensips.org/Resources/DocsCoreVar14
> "The AVPS will be visible in all routes where any message (reply or request)
> of the transaction will be processed - branch_route , failure_route,
> onreply_route (for this last route you need to enable the TM parameter *
> onreply_avp_mode*)."

Thanks. I don't have the config or the logs at hand at this moment but I 
tried something like this yesterday:

failure_route[1] {
	if (!isflagset(31)) {
		$avp(i:500) = 1; # Initialize counter of failed attempts
	} else {
		$avp(i:500) = $avp(i:500) + 1; # OR:
		# avp_op("$avp(i:500)", "add/1");
	if ($avp(i:500) > 2) {
		t_reply("503", "Couldn't complete the call");
	if (next_gw()) {
	} else {
		t_reply("503", "No gateways");

As a result of incrementing AVP variable, no matter which way, the 
OpenSIPS sends out some junk and then crashes... I'm using 1.4.4.

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