[OpenSIPS-Users] [Kamailio-Users] Mediaproxy 2.0 - Dispatcher vs Relay

Ruud Klaver ruud at ag-projects.com
Mon Sep 1 17:43:33 CEST 2008


On 01 Sep 2008, at 13:40, Klaus Darilion wrote:

> it is a 2 stage architecture:
> proxy does nto talk with relays directly but proxy talks with the
> dispatcher. Then the dispatcher selects the relay (e.g. load  
> balancing,
> ...).
> If you use only one relay with Mediaproxy 1.x it worked fine without
> dispatcher as protocol between mediaproxymodule/dispatcher and
> dispatcher/relay was the same. I do not know if this behavior has
> changed with version 2.0
> klaus

You will need to use the dispatcher in MediaProxy 2.0. It is indeed  
the load balancer when using more than one relay and is also the  
aggregation point for call accounting.

> Nuno Marques schrieb:
>> Hi,
>>   I'm trying to understand better how mediaproxy works. Just read the
>> mediaproxy-ng.org <http://mediaproxy-ng.org> page... i understood the
>> necessity of using mediaproxy for NAT traversal, but i have one  
>> doubt...
>>       - What's the difference between the dispatcher and the relay?
>>   Can someone explain me the concept or point me to some literature  
>> so
>> i can clear my mind :)
>>   Thanks in advance,
>>             Nuno

Ruud Klaver,
AG Projects

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