[OpenSIPS-Users] query in location table

Vandan Joshi vandan.joshi at yahoo.in
Mon Sep 1 14:03:23 CEST 2008

Dear Friends,
I am using/developing in opensips-1.4.0

In opensips database we have the table "location". This table has a column named 'q' value. I cant get tht wt exactly the q value means ? and wy it is for. Documentation says tht "its for preferential routing" but wt exactly it mean.
And as per my knowledge the 'q' value remains same as opensips inserts new user location entry in location table, 'q' value remains '-1' for all the entries.
In previous ver of opensips(openser1.1.1) we have the composite key of (username,domain and contact field) in location table. Now here it doesnt seems like that, so wy it is so ?

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