[OpenSIPS-Users] Help!! How to do failover of mysql connection

Uwe Kastens kiste at kiste.org
Sun Nov 23 15:10:56 CET 2008

Hi Krunal,
>     * I am having 2 MySql servers. Lets say
>       <> & <>
>     * Opensips is at <>.
>     * I would like to use <> mysql server
>       for failover.
>     * I mean to say if <> goes down then
>       opensips should start to use <>
>       mysql server.

I am just on my way to implement the same. At the moment I am planing a
kind of Mysql Master - Master together with one VIP for
Mysql-opensips-communication. So for your example you will have to
mysql-servers. opensips is connection to lets say to which
points on one of your mysql-servers. You will need active-active for
mysql since opensips will write some information in the database as well.

I am working with mysql-5 and heartbeat-2 in mode 1. Its nearly working.




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