[OpenSIPS-Users] problem using scripting variables AND inject random delays

amar mahmoud amarduba at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 14 02:23:39 CET 2008

Hi all,
       i am quite new to use opensips, i have been using SER since last week.
i want to use opensips to inject a delay then relay SIP messages, actually there is function "sleep" under cfgutils.so module, i have tested it .. it is working fine, my problems are:
1/ i have problem using scripting variable i want to do like that:
  # define variable
$var(a) = 10;
 # then
sleep ("$var(a)");
but the config file does not accept that, it gives error  while when i use  sleep("10") there is no problem... so do i have a problem using that and if yes how can i solve this.
2/ i need to implement this delay to be a random variate where i can use different distribution like exponential or   normal, does any one try to do that before or have an idea how i can implement that
any ideas are appreciated.
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