[OpenSIPS-Users] Regarding watchers in OpenSIPS

mahesh.peddi at info-spectrum.com mahesh.peddi at info-spectrum.com
Wed Nov 12 13:03:54 CET 2008

Hi all,
I need some clarifications regarding watchers in OpenSIPS. Actually i am registering as a bob and alice to the OpenSIPS. And bob is having alice in his buddy list and alice is having bob in his buddy list. while registering, both of them are sending SUBSCRIBE (presence.winfo) messages to OpenSIPS and also getting the NOTIFY (application/watcherinfo+xml) message.
My Question is "If bob changes his status lets say 'busy' then what type of NOTIFY alice will get? i mean application/watcherinfo+xml or application/pidf+xml".
Thanks & Regards,
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