[OpenSIPS-Users] How to invoke PUBLISH in PUA?

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Hi Anca,

             Thank you for the prompt reply,according to your reply I am already using pua_usrloc.I have gone through the documentation of PUA.

It is said that, we have to use "pua_mi" module to send PUBLISH message to presence server.

how to invoke pua_publish  with script file??.

Because no function is exported ,we cannot use in configuration file directly.

I have seen the FIFO example in documentation.Is this the way we have put in separate script file to invoke pua_publish ??.Kindly let me know how to invoke  pua_publish with a script file.

Thanks in advance,

With Regards

J. Vasant Dacha

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  Hi Vasant,

  Pua module does not send Publish messages by itsefl. It is used as a core by the other pua_X modules( pua_usrloc, pua_bla, pua_xmpp, pua_mi).
  If you want to trigger Publish messages when Register messages are received, you need to use pua_usrloc module. You can read the documentation here and also follow the configuration file example  you will find there.
  Take care that all Register messages reach the server where pua is running.


  vasant j wrote: 
Hi All,

         I am running PUA and presence in two different machines.Also
I am using UCTIMSCLIENT as client for registering and de-registering.

I am able to communicate between  two servers(PUA and Presence)
successfully.I have kept a Debug statement in "send_publish" function
.So when i Register or when i change the status "send_publish"
function should get invoked.But,I am not getting any Debug message i
have kept.This means "send_publish" function is not getting invoked at
all !!.

Kindly tell me how to invoke the send_publish function in PUA ???.

NOTE:Following attached is my PUA configuration file........

Waiting for your replies.......

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