[OpenSIPS-Users] PUA API send to certain IP

Anca Vamanu anca at voice-system.ro
Mon Nov 3 18:26:50 CET 2008

Hi Schuman,

If you want to specify the address where the PUBLISH message should be 
sent, you just have to set the presence_server parameter in pua_usrloc 
module. This is present in trunk for OpenSIPS. I will think about adding 
it to 1_4 as well. If you want to use the trunk version for pua_usrloc, 
you also have to take pua from there. This feature updates both modules.

Anca Vamanu

Schumann Sebastian wrote:
> Anca, All,
> I have the following scenario
> UE  -  OpenSER Proxy/Presence Server  -  OpenSER Registrar
> The proxy acts as proxy and presence server. If the UE sends a 
> subscribe to user at registrar <mailto:user at registrar>, it handles this 
> subscription. If it publishes its state user at registrar 
> <mailto:user at registrar> it does as well. All registration/call control 
> is proxied to the registrar.
> I try now to use the PUA module API to create PUBLISH on the 
> Proxy/Presence Server. This works fine, the only issue is that it has 
> the request-uri user at registrar <mailto:user at registrar>, like UE 
> generated subscriptions. This is actually not an issue, but wanted. 
> The problem is that the proxy forwards the package to the registrar 
> acc. R-URI. I want it sent to another IP.
> Is there the possibility to define the IP where the package should be 
> sent to, i.e. presence server IP, to handle the packet there?
> Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Sebastian

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