[OpenSIPS-Users] PUA API send to certain IP

Schumann Sebastian Sebastian.Schumann at t-com.sk
Mon Nov 3 17:42:20 CET 2008

Anca, All,
I have the following scenario
UE  -  OpenSER Proxy/Presence Server  -  OpenSER Registrar
The proxy acts as proxy and presence server. If the UE sends a subscribe to user at registrar, it handles this subscription. If it publishes its state user at registrar it does as well. All registration/call control is proxied to the registrar.
I try now to use the PUA module API to create PUBLISH on the Proxy/Presence Server. This works fine, the only issue is that it has the request-uri user at registrar, like UE generated subscriptions. This is actually not an issue, but wanted. The problem is that the proxy forwards the package to the registrar acc. R-URI. I want it sent to another IP.
Is there the possibility to define the IP where the package should be sent to, i.e. presence server IP, to handle the packet there? 
Best regards,
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