[OpenSIPS-Users] General observations about the OpenSIPS discussion

"C. Bergström" cbergstrom at netsyncro.com
Tue Aug 5 15:20:03 CEST 2008

Please excuse me interrupting this discussion a bit.  If I'm flat wrong, 
off base or rude I apologize in advance.

1) I think some technical opinions and observations may have merit and 
even if they don't are at worst, good best practices.
    a. Increasing the QA and testing between releases.

2) IMHO the name kamailio sucks. (Who cares right?)
    a. Others have expressed this same opinion and provided at least a 
logical argument against it.  The point here is maybe if more than one 
person says it.. Someone should listen?  Maybe there could be a private 
discussion for a new name?  Sorry to those who put effort into renaming 
and moving things already, but rather now than later, right?  Seriously, 
two things here are important.. brand and listening/responding to the 

3) Everything else at this point really comes down to communication and 

I have no idea why there's a division between the developers now, but 
whatever good/bad/no communication happened in the past I hope it can be 

Main points if not obvious..

1) Only one rename of OpenSER is going to thrive and gain support. (If I 
had to guess)

2) In the entire history of open source.. Who has *ever* heard of a core 
committer doing something malicious!?!  This isn't some draconian 
corporate environment where your access is cut off before you get your 
pink slip.  Anyway, it's under revision control and backed up.  Not that 
this is any of my business, but I hope it's been corrected already.

The bottom line.. I don't know who is more right or wrong in all this 
and don't care.. If possibly.. can both sides propose some middle ground 
(ASAP) so everything minus the name can go back to the way it was before...

Most Humbly,


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