[Users] loose_route()

JF jfkavaka at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 20:34:18 CET 2006


One of my (Open)SER machines (P1) is acting as registrar and so I have
alias=mydomain.tld in the script; it is used in the (uri == myself)
check to handle REGISTER requests.

I have a setup like this:

UA1 (user1 at mydomain.tld) - P2 - P1 - P3 - P1 - P2 - UA2 (user2 at mydomain.tld)
(all proxies are record-routing except P3)

For initial requests (INVITE from UA1 to UA2) all is fine. But I'm
having problems with the loose_route() function, because when an
in-dialog (subsequent) request comes into P1 (from UA1, P2) with a
Route header containing (<P1>, <P1>, <P2>), the after_strict()
function is called, when I would expect the after_loose() function to
be called since P1 is a loose router.
Within loose_route(), is_preloaded() returns 0, which is correct. But
then is_myself returns true because of the alias...

Is this a bug in loose_route() which doesn't account for this kind of
setup (Routeing in-dialog requests through the registrar)? Maybe this
could be avoided, if there was a parameter forcing loose_route to
treat previous hop as a loose router... Or am I just doing something

Thanks in advance,

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