[Users] Openser with Quintum voice gateway and an important load

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Fri Apr 27 17:59:13 CEST 2007


Openser version: 1.2.0

We have 4 central Quintum CMS platform hosted in our computer room. We
have several tens of Qintum voice gateway ( DX / AX / Call Relay ) on
remote customer site. Our customer are mainly call centers so they
generate a lot of small calls with an important number of call wich are
never established ( around 50% ). The central platform is quite loaded,
with around 600 simultaneous calls and around 20 new call per second.

Up to now, we used H323 as the signalisation protocol. Now we are
planning to migrate to SIP and use openser 1.2.0 for that.

Does anybody already use openser with Quintum as voice gateway with so
many calls ? I'd like to share experience with people using this kind of
setup with this kind of load.
There are no know problem between openser and Quintum SIP implementation
( we use firmware P104-12-16 ) ?

Openser should be able to route all these call towards our 4 central
gateway with LCR while as well sending radius accounting. Our main and
backup SIP server are IBM X330 ( Bi-Pentium III 1266 Mhz with 2GB of
memory ). Will it be enough to handle 600 simultaneous call and 20 new
calls per seconds  ?

For radius accounting, we have 2 radius servers. It seems that when the
first adius server is down, openser is trying 3 times the first radius
server and then go to the second one but the children seems to be
blocked during this time ( for example in debug mode, no more new call
can be establised while radius accounting is not yet finished ). So
should I start lots of children ( 20 or more ) so that if the first
radius is down, openser will still be able to route new calls while some
children are blocked for accounting reason ?

As well I'm planning to use the "dialog" module, if this module largely
increasing the load on openser ?



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