[Users] Openser with Quintum voice gateway and an important load

Alan Crosswell alan at columbia.edu
Fri Apr 27 18:48:46 CEST 2007

We tested with Quintum AX series just to use for analog phones.  We use
Ciscos for our PRI gateways.  The Quintums work just fine.

mailinglist-openser-users wrote:
> Hi,
> Openser version: 1.2.0
> We have 4 central Quintum CMS platform hosted in our computer room. We
> have several tens of Qintum voice gateway ( DX / AX / Call Relay ) on
> remote customer site. Our customer are mainly call centers so they
> generate a lot of small calls with an important number of call wich are
> never established ( around 50% ). The central platform is quite loaded,
> with around 600 simultaneous calls and around 20 new call per second.
> Up to now, we used H323 as the signalisation protocol. Now we are
> planning to migrate to SIP and use openser 1.2.0 for that.
> Does anybody already use openser with Quintum as voice gateway with so
> many calls ? I'd like to share experience with people using this kind of
> setup with this kind of load.
> There are no know problem between openser and Quintum SIP implementation
> ( we use firmware P104-12-16 ) ?
> Openser should be able to route all these call towards our 4 central
> gateway with LCR while as well sending radius accounting. Our main and
> backup SIP server are IBM X330 ( Bi-Pentium III 1266 Mhz with 2GB of
> memory ). Will it be enough to handle 600 simultaneous call and 20 new
> calls per seconds  ?
> For radius accounting, we have 2 radius servers. It seems that when the
> first adius server is down, openser is trying 3 times the first radius
> server and then go to the second one but the children seems to be
> blocked during this time ( for example in debug mode, no more new call
> can be establised while radius accounting is not yet finished ). So
> should I start lots of children ( 20 or more ) so that if the first
> radius is down, openser will still be able to route new calls while some
> children are blocked for accounting reason ?
> As well I'm planning to use the "dialog" module, if this module largely
> increasing the load on openser ?
> Regards,
> Jerome.

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