[OpenSIPS-Users] Questions about best practice b2b_logic implementation

Denys Pozniak denys.pozniak at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 13:15:22 UTC 2023


I'm trying to implement topology hiding (b2b_logic) in an existing config,
but there are points that are not clear to me:
- Can I somehow use dialog variables in b2b mode? if not, any alternative?
I see they are created for the initial leg (with state=3), but not
available in the b2b mode;
- How to configure a tracer (proto_hep) in b2b mode?
- How to convert transport and select outgoing socket (the question has
already been asked in a separate mail)?
- How can I add the necessary custom X-headers also for in-dialog requests
(for example, for re-INVITE)? It does not work via insert_hf in
[script_req_route] neither via function b2b_client_new() as well;
- If nodes operate in anycast + clusterer mode, then in what route should
function t_anycast_replicate() be called?


Denys Pozniak
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