[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips on vmware and multiple CPUs

Simon Gajski simon at softnet.si
Fri Oct 13 08:43:05 UTC 2023


I am running one older instance of OpenSIPS (2.1.5 (x86_64/linux)) on 
VMware 1CPU/1core
Lately we have some performance issues with the server so I tried to 
increase number of  CPU to 2 and 2 cores per CPU

In opensips script is set to worker=4
Opensips starts normally after change on vmware, however it doesn't 
respond to any SIP request anymore.
Once I set back to 1CPU/1core it starts responding back to all SIP requests.

Not sure where to start digging; vmware, linux or opensips?
Gratefull for any tip

Thank you


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