[OpenSIPS-Users] Need to understand the seral forking logic of opensips .

Sasmita Panda spanda at 3clogic.com
Mon Oct 9 12:45:20 UTC 2023

Hi ,

I know this is a very basic question . Still I need some clarification .

I have 2 contact for same number , When I place a call Openips give that to
1st if 1st contact reject the call with 486 busy , then opensips try the
same call to the 2nd contact without rejecting the call .

In the next call for same number , opensips tries to 2nd contact if that
rejects the call with 486 it wont try to the 1st contact again . Why is
this happening ?


                        if (!serialize_branches(1)){
                                sl_send_reply("500","Unable to load
                                if (next_branches()){

failure_route[1] {

   if ( t_check_status("404|477|480|481|408|486|50[234]")){
         if (next_branches())


This is in my config file . i have gone through the doc
but not able to understand properly .

How can I print the internally stored branches on avp ?

*Thanks & Regards*
*Sasmita Panda*
*Senior Network Testing and Software Engineer*
*3CLogic , ph:07827611765*
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