[OpenSIPS-Users] on routing invite's in a trunk context.

Johan De Clercq johan at democon.be
Sat Oct 7 05:38:29 UTC 2023

It’s a very non rfc scenario. Source ip and via are the ip of a loadbalancer that I need to skip …. ;-(. The contact does have the correct ip. Anyway, you gave me a good hint. I will add the contact ip as record route and see what that gives.

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This is actually a pretty standard SIP flow that we use all the time. I recommend this article [1] for an overview of how routing works in SIP.

In short, the Contact and Record-Route headers are only used for routing of requests not responses, and mostly only sequential requests which are requests within a dialog. The topology_hiding_match and loose_route functions both operate on requests only, so they can both only be called from a request_route [1] [2].

The 200 OK is a response within the initial INVITE transaction. Responses within a SIP transaction are routed based on the source IP of request and/or the Via headers. OpenSIPS should just handle that for you, unless you have some strange routing.

[1] https://kb.smartvox.co.uk/opensips/contact-and-record-route-headers-explained/

[2] https://opensips.org/docs/modules/3.2.x/topology_hiding.html#func_topology_hiding_match

[3] https://opensips.org/docs/modules/3.2.x/rr.html#func_loose_route

Ben Newlin

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This is a general question on routing (to be honest: it is a really
strange case).

A has a sip trunk to B (opensips), B has a sip trunk to C

A sends an invite to B with contact header A'   and record-route header
to A''

B string the record_route header , calls topology hiding and droutes the
call to C

C sends 200 OK back but it needs to be routed on the content of the
contact header.

Now how does this route to A ?   Is this the default
topology_hiding_match() case ? Or do I need to do something special ?

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