[OpenSIPS-Users] rtpengine and multiple instances

olle at zaark.com olle at zaark.com
Fri Oct 6 10:10:27 UTC 2023

Hi we have seen an issue with rtpengine module in 2.4.


We ran a setup with two  opensips edge proxies  each having a  local
rtpengine running on it.


When we start using the rtpengines in a cluster, we saw that some commands
perhaps in  1-2% of the calls are send to the wrong rtpengine:


e.g rtpengine_offer() is send to rtpengine instance 1 but rtpengine_anser()
is send to instant 2 both from same opensips instance.


I wonder if this is a known issue or what might cause this?


Our solution for know is to only use the local rtpengine , but I would like
the cluster up for redundancy, and this leads to my next question:


Can you configure with fifo commands so a node is enabled but have weight 0
, and is only used in case the primary node fails?



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