[OpenSIPS-Users] Help dropping SQL injection attacks

Gregory Massel greg at switchtel.co.za
Thu Nov 30 00:34:59 UTC 2023

Hi all

I'm wondering what the best practice is in terms of detection and 
dropping attempted SQL injection attacks?

Is something like the following adequate or can this be enhanced:

if ( $fU != $(fU{s.escape.common}) || $tU != $(tU{s.escape.common}) ) {

Obviously this does not remove the need to escape anything passed to 
avp_db_query(), however, what I want to do is identify these sorts of 
attacks at the top of the script and avoid processing.

To date all the attacks I've seen focus on the contact and from user, e.g.:

INVITEsip:00111390237920793 at x.x.x.x:5060;transport=UDP  SIP/2.0
Contact:<sip:a'or'3=3-- at x.x.x.x:5060;transport=UDP>
To:<sip:00111390237920793 at x.x.x.x;transport=UDP>
From:<sip:a'or'3=3-- at x.x.x.x;transport=UDP>;tag=v2pjtxqb

I'm not quite sure how to match the Contact user. Would the following work?

if ( $(ct.fields(uri){uri.user}) != $(ct.fields(uri){uri.user}{s.escape.common}) ) {

*Gregory Massel*
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