[OpenSIPS-Users] Strange ACK between OpenSIPS and Kamailio

Social Boh social at bohboh.info
Thu Nov 9 14:12:37 UTC 2023

Hello list,

I have a problem in communication between an OpenSIPs and a Kamailio. 
The call comes from OpenSIPs to Kamailio, it is answered but the ACK 
that OpenSIPs sends to Kamailio I think is not correct:

200OK from Kamailio to OpenSIPs: Contact: <sip:194.195.XXX.XXX:49999>

ACK from OpenSIPs to Kamailio: Contact: 
<sip:user at 177.242.XXX.XXX;did=86a.799c1654>

I think the ACK Contact Header from OpenSIPs to Kamailio should have the 
same 200 OK content

194.195.XXX.XXX is a Asterisk PBX

177.242.XXX.XXX is OpenSIPs

Result Kamailio don't send ACK to Asterisk PBX and the call ends about 
30 seconds.

Any hint, please?

I'm SoCIaL, MayBe
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