"Вадим Д." vadimd333 at gmail.com
Wed May 17 18:18:43 UTC 2023


Please help me. I am trying to use the uac_replace_to function. But it gives an error.

loadmodule "uac.so"

$avp(repto)="sip:" + $(fU{s.substr,0,-3}) + $(fU{s.substr,-3,0}) + "@" + $td;
uac_replace_to( ,$avp(repto));

ERROR:uac:cfg_validate: uac_replace_*() was found, but module started without support for replacing, better restart
May 17 18:01:48 proxy-02 /usr/sbin/opensips[2223992]: ERROR:core:modules_validate_reload: module <uac> did not validated the cfg file
May 17 18:01:48 proxy-02 /usr/sbin/opensips[2223992]: ERROR:core:reload_routing_script: routes validation by modules failed, abording reload. OpenSIPS restart is recomended to deploy the new script

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