[OpenSIPS-Users] Return UDP destination port issue regarding topology_hiding_match() function.

Jeffrey Zhao chunyong.zhao at qq.com
Thu May 4 04:10:17 UTC 2023

Dear Sir or Madam

For example, IP phone received INVITE on UDP port 5060, IP phone reply with Trying, Ringing and OK from other source udp port(for example, 50217, other than 5060), but UDP port in Via and Contact SIP header are always 5060.


force_rport() has been removed in the script.


It works well for the 1st transaction within the dialog.


>From the 2nd SIP transaction in the same dialog,  topology_hiding_match() change the destination port to the above source UDP port(50217), which is ignored by IP phone as it is listening on 5060.


For example, the ACK message was sent to the 50217 UDP port of IP phone after IP phone send out OK message.

It result in IP phone keeps on sending OK message.


Is there anyway to revise the return UDP destination port to 5060 provided in Via or Contact SIP header from IP phone?




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