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Nitesh Divecha aviator.nitesh.d at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 17:15:49 UTC 2023

Hello All,

I got two nodes in cluster formation and they are in sync. Running CLI
opensips-cli -x mi ul_dump | grep "AOR\":\|Contact\":" on both nodes I can
see ALL the registered endpoints . For testing purposes I have two
endpoints registered on each node so a total four endpoints are visible.

Node #1 - IP: 66.x.x.1, registered endpoint 2001 and 2002
Node #2 - IP: 3.x.x.9, registered endpoint 5467901 and 5467902

Endpoints in Node#1 can call each other (2001 <--> 2002) and endpoints in
Node#2 can call each other (5467901 <--> 5467902)

root at archer:/etc/opensips# opensips-cli -x mi ul_dump | grep
                    "AOR": 5467901 at 3.x.x.9,
                            "Contact":sip:5467901 at 143.x.x.7:29100,
                    "AOR": 5467902 at 3.x.x.9,
                            "Contact":sip:5467902 at 143.x.x.7:5062,
                    "AOR": 2002 at 66.x.x.1,
                            "Contact":sip:2002 at 143.x.x.6:12339;ob,
                    "AOR": 2001 at 66.x.x.1,
                            "Contact":sip:2001 at 143.x.x.6:5060;ob,

But none of the nodes can call each other... Meaning Node#1-2001 or 2 can
not call Node#2-5467901 or 2 and vice versa... On log it shows SIP 404, Not
Found... and looking further in detail it shows it is only looking for the
endpoint in the same Node, meaning when 2001 calls 5467901 it is looking
for 5467901 at 66.x.x.1 on Node#1 instead of 5467901 at 3.x.x.9 on Node#2.

#### USeR LOCation module
loadmodule "usrloc.so"
modparam("usrloc", "nat_bflag", "NATED_CALLEE")
modparam("usrloc", "location_cluster", 2)
modparam("usrloc", "working_mode_preset", "full-sharing-cluster")

route[to_user] {
        # do lookup with method filtering
        if (!lookup("location","m")) {
                if (!db_does_uri_exist("$ru","subscriber")) {
                        send_reply(404,"Not Found");
                        xlog("ERROR: rU is: ($rU) and ru is: $ru --> Not
                if(isflagset('HUNTGROUP')) {
                t_reply(480, "Temporarily Unavailable");
        $acc_extra(TYPE) = "USER";

Any help will be highly appreciated...

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