[OpenSIPS-Users] Push Notification - Location table has flag 0 v3.3

Sugar s.lancret at cpabound.net
Mon Feb 27 16:05:32 UTC 2023

I only used the rest module that comes with opensips. You don't have to use the external php one but if you did you would execute a php script from opensips passing any variables you need to. The php script should then call the php rest app. I have seen some code do it that way. I just didn't want to worry about migrations to new system (remembering to move the external php folder as well so that opensips doesn't break).I will send a code sample (if you'd like) on how to use the internal rest module by Wednesday.
-------- Original message --------From: HS <bullehs at gmail.com> Date: 2/27/23  1:35 AM  (GMT-06:00) To: OpenSIPS users mailling list <users at lists.opensips.org> Subject: Re: [OpenSIPS-Users] Push Notification - Location table has flag 0	v3.3 Hi again.Thanks a lot. I am trying to keep it as self-contained as possible too. Using the rest_client, with this project:https://github.com/sunaoka/push-notifications-phpUnsure if I need to though :)Thanks again.
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