[OpenSIPS-Users] Carrier_ID not writing on DRouting when using partitions

Daniel Zanutti daniel.zanutti at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 02:45:37 UTC 2023


I'm having a weird issue, possibly a BUG, using opensips 3.2.8.

The carrier_id_avp is not being written, when I enabled partitions or
drouting module. Everything else works, just this value is not written to
the AVP setted. Routing works fine using carriers, just the AVP is not

When I disable partitions, it works fine writting to carrier_id_avp. =|

modparam("drouting", "carrier_id_avp", "$avp(carrier_id)")

Example of call
My dr_rule has gwlist = #651

Carrier 651
gwlist=651 (yes, same id)

Applied routing with partition:

Feb 22 01:14:51 sbc4 /usr/local/sbin/opensips[856]:
DBG:drouting:push_gw_for_usage: adding gw [651] as "sip:xxxx at yy.yy.yy.yy"
in order 0
Feb 22 01:14:51 sbc4 /usr/local/sbin/opensips[856]:
DBG:drouting:push_gw_for_usage: setting GW id [651] as avp
Feb 22 01:14:51 sbc4 /usr/local/sbin/opensips[856]:
DBG:drouting:push_gw_for_usage: setting GW attr [1] as avp

The gateway 651 does exist, it's the same name of Carrier but it shouldn't
be a problem.

Checking logs, $avp(carrier_id) is null:

Do you guys have any clues on how to solve it? Maybe a bug?

This works fine when not using partitions.

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