[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS and Teams - Route headers and FQDN

Daren FERREIRA darencrew at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 21 14:30:31 UTC 2023


According to my understanding of OpenSIPS Route headers management with loose_route function, it is only able to test matching between local listening IP addresses and Route headers, not with FQDN.

In other words, if FQDN are presents in Route headers, they are compared to local IP addresses (well visible in logs), so, this never matches and you get a "WARNING:rr:after_loose: no socket found to match 2nd RR"

This has never been a limitation until I had to work with Microsoft TEAMS, that requires the use of FQDN in Route headers.

I tried using aliases, Route headers tags, and lots of other things, without success…

Even if aliases would have been a solution, that is not a scalable solution when using OpenSIPS as a multi-tenant SBC for Teams (as aliases changes require an OpenSIPS restart).

The only workaround I found was rewriting $du and $socket (so partially reimplement loose_route() ) based on context values stored in dialog variables (that’s working quite well anyway).

Many people seems to use OpenSIPS successfully with TEAMS and nobody seems to have publicly complained about such limitations on forums.

I may have missed something, and so I wonder what can be done to better work with Route headers.

Do anybody have any idea on what I may have missed?

Thank you for your advices and comments.


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