[OpenSIPS-Users] trunking connection expires?

JC Lee nukemania at naver.com
Wed Feb 15 19:07:17 UTC 2023

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Subject: [OpenSIPS-Users] trunking connection expires?

I am using opensips 3.2.10 with trunking service.
First the opensips service starts, it goes well with first 120 second.
And after that, the call is not connected and there is no incoming logs.
'opensips-cli -x mi reg_list' command shows that the same status as when it goes well.

I got some logs from trunking service, they sent invite and ack message normally but opensips received nothing.

What is the problem?

I found some log that seems to be related while uac_registrant

opensips[42303]: DBG:uac_registrant:reg_tm_cback: tm [0x7fd5c68f27b0] notification cb for  [200] reply at [1674579393]
opensips[42303]: DBG:uac_registrant:reg_print_record: checking uac=[0x7fd5c673d3c8] state=[2][AUTHENTICATING_STATE] expires=[-970240579] last_register_sent=[1674579393] registration_timeout=[0] auth_user[0x7fd5c673d5dd][11]->[070**] auth_password=[0x7fd5c673d5e8][7]->[R2nbWZ5] sock=[0x7fd5c8372140] clustering=[/0] enabled=[yes]
opensips[42303]: DBG:uac_registrant:reg_print_record:     RURI=[0x7fd5c673d5cb][18]->[sip:211.233.***]
opensips[42303]: DBG:uac_registrant:reg_print_record:       To=[0x7fd5c673d5a8][35]->[sip:070***@211.233.***:5060]
opensips[42303]: DBG:uac_registrant:reg_print_record:     From=[0x7fd5c673d5a8][35]->[sip:070***@211.233.***:5060] tag=[0x7fd5c673d5a3][5]->[3df50]
opensips[42303]: DBG:uac_registrant:reg_print_record:  Call-Id=[0x7fd5c673d588][27]->[56895a842ce5f806ae37f29dc43]
opensips[42303]: DBG:uac_registrant:reg_print_record:  Contact=[0x7fd5c673d5ef][30]->[sip:070***@211.233.***] [(nil)][0]->[]
opensips[42303]: DBG:core:parse_headers: flags=ffffffffffffffff
opensips[42303]: DBG:core:parse_params: Parsing params for:[expires=120]

with opensips 3.2, the value of last line is 120 and the trunk connection seems to be expired about 120 seconds,
and opensips 2.2, the value of 3600 and it seems to last an hour.

I edited tcp_connection_lifetime and uac_registrant timer inverval and registrar default expires, but the log is not changed.

what is the expires value from?

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