[OpenSIPS-Users] Memory Leak

Callum Guy callum.guy at x-on.co.uk
Mon Feb 13 20:41:16 UTC 2023

Hi All,

*(originally sent back in December with an image embedded which possibly
got the mail rejected!)*

I'm experiencing a memory leak on an OpenSIPs 3.2.10 instance (was 3.2.4,
upgrades to 3.2.9 and 3.2.10 did not resolve) which is acting as a WebRTC
proxy - this is running on AlmaLinux 9.0

The config is not much different from existing CentOS 7 servers which are
running 3.2.4 so I'm wondering if the issue is a difference in an
underlying library? Both use tls_openssl.so and the AlmaLinux install was
self packaged.

Here is the output of the memory dump:

One item stands out as a strong candidate:
*opensips[287301]:   314792712 : 19101 x [ssl/record/ssl3_buffer.c:
os_malloc, line 119]*

The affected server is running AlmaLinux 9 with the following openssl


Our CentOS 7 server has:


The symptom is memory creep of around 90MB/day for ~300k call sessions. Any
ideas would be appreciated, I'm on a weekly restart cycle to clear the
memory which I'd rather not implement as a cron!




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