[OpenSIPS-Users] tls_mgm domain database configuration

James Nicholls james.nicholls at qunifi.com
Mon Apr 24 10:44:58 UTC 2023

Thanks very much Callum, seeing a working example with separate client/server tls_mgm rows really helped get us sorted.

I notice that you set verify_cert (and require_cert) to 0, is there any reason for that? I won't go into too much detail because it's probably worth another thread, but we're seeing problems with TLS calling when it's on, opensips doesn't like my 3CX instance that uses a Lets Encrypt cert.

Kind regards,

From: Callum Guy <callum.guy at x-on.co.uk>
Sent: 07 April 2023 14:43
To: James Nicholls <james.nicholls at qunifi.com>; OpenSIPS users mailling list <users at lists.opensips.org>
Subject: Re: [OpenSIPS-Users] tls_mgm domain database configuration

Hi James,

It could certainly be clearer!

Here's an extract from my script and some example inserts for a client and server record.


INSERT INTO opensips_dev.tls_mgm (id, domain, match_ip_address, match_sip_domain, type, method, verify_cert, require_cert, certificate, private_key, crl_check_all, crl_dir, ca_list, ca_dir, cipher_list, dh_params, ec_curve) VALUES (5, 'default', '*', '*', 1, 'TLSv1_2', 0, 0, 0x2D2D2D2D2D424547494E20434...2D2D2D2D0A, 0x2D2D2D2D2D424547494...B45592D2D2D2D2D0A, 0, null, null, null, 'EECDH+AESGCM,EDH+AESGCM,AES256+EECDH,AES256+EDH,!RSA,!SHA', 0x2D2D2D2D2D4245...D2D2D0A, 'secp384r1');

INSERT INTO opensips_dev.tls_mgm (id, domain, match_ip_address, match_sip_domain, type, method, verify_cert, require_cert, certificate, private_key, crl_check_all, crl_dir, ca_list, ca_dir, cipher_list, dh_params, ec_curve) VALUES (15, 'default', '*', '*', 2, 'TLSv1_2', 0, 0, 0x2D2D2D2...D2D0A, 0x2D2D2D2D2...D2D2D0A, 0, null, null, null, 'EECDH+AESGCM,EDH+AESGCM,AES256+EECDH,AES256+EDH,!RSA,!SHA', 0x2D2D2D2D2D42454...2D0A, 'secp384r1');

Hope that helps get you moving!


On Fri, 7 Apr 2023 at 09:12, James Nicholls via Users <users at lists.opensips.org<mailto:users at lists.opensips.org>> wrote:
Hi all,

I have an existing opensips 3.3.4 setup that uses modparam to set tls_mgm certificates with separate server_domain and client_domain entries. This works fine for registration and calling using TLS but I want to be able to update certificates with tls_reload so I'm trying to move them to the database instead.

The tls_mgm table schema added by opensips-cli has a domain and type column. Does "type" mean client/server or is it something else? I have tried having separate entries for client/server certs, or combining them into one row, but I can't get it to work. Everything seems to result in "no TLS client domain found" as below.

Apr 05 16:02:34 (hostname) /usr/sbin/opensips[22277]: ERROR:proto_tls:proto_tls_conn_init: no TLS client domain found
Apr 05 16:02:34 (hostname) /usr/sbin/opensips[22277]: ERROR:core:tcp_conn_create: failed to do proto 3 specific init for conn 0x7f3c9f1b5e98
Apr 05 16:02:34 (hostname) /usr/sbin/opensips[22277]: DBG:core:tcpconn_destroy: delaying (0x7f3c9f1b5e98, flags 0018) ref = -1 ...
Apr 05 16:02:34 (hostname) /usr/sbin/opensips[22277]: ERROR:core:tcp_async_connect: tcp_conn_create failed, closing the socket
Apr 05 16:02:34 (hostname) /usr/sbin/opensips[22277]: ERROR:proto_tls:proto_tls_send: async TCP connect failed
Apr 05 16:02:34 (hostname) /usr/sbin/opensips[22277]: ERROR:tm:msg_send: send() to (PBX IP):5061 for proto tls/3 failed
Apr 05 16:02:34 (hostname) /usr/sbin/opensips[22277]: ERROR:tm:t_forward_nonack: sending request failed

Example row in the tls_mgm table:

          domain: (SIP branded hostname)
match_ip_address: (opensips IP):4003
match_sip_domain: *
            type: 1
          method: TLSv1_2-
     verify_cert: 0
    require_cert: 0
     certificate: -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- [...]
     private_key: -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- [...]
   crl_check_all: 0
         crl_dir: NULL
         ca_list: /etc/pki/ca-trust/extracted/pem/tls-ca-bundle.pem
          ca_dir: NULL
     cipher_list: NULL
       dh_params: NULL
        ec_curve: NULL

Is there any documentation for adding certificates to the tls_mgm table? I haven't found anything in the 3.3.x docs, the only examples use modparam. Hopefully I have got something really obvious wrong.

Kind regards,

James Nicholls

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