[OpenSIPS-Users] NAT & RTPProxy

Gavin Murphy iiagavin at aim.com
Tue Apr 18 19:31:29 UTC 2023

    I'm trying to set up an instance of opensips to support a testing SIP phone calling into my simulated network. The client is running from a mobile phone. The connection from the client comes in from the public network, but the client sees its own IP as private ( My test network is running on virtual machines on my laptop, and is behind a NATed home router, so all of the VMs are in private IP space (192.168.x.x). It looks something like this:
client -> mobile network (NAT) -> home router (NAT) -> opensips -> application server 

I am having trouble relaying the media from the network to the client. I have made various attempts of using the rtpproxy and the matmodule, but nothing has been successful so far. When using rtpproxy it writes the SDP going back to the client in the 183 with the internal IP. But if I just use fix_nated_sdp() the media doesn't go through the proxy server. If I try to use both (fix_nated_sdp() followed by rtpproxy_answer()), rtpproxy doesn't properly re-write the SDP (it ends up with a concatenation of the the private and the public advertised address.
Anyone have any advice or experience with this kind of setup?
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