[OpenSIPS-Users] Help me understand proxy to voip provider

Radosław Jaszek radekjaszek at o2.pl
Wed Apr 12 17:17:42 UTC 2023

Hi,   I started my journey with Opensips 3weeks ago so please forgive me if I will ask for something too basic...   I read manual for Opensips 3.3.4 and followed basic installation and configuration. It worked for internal calls so I can call from one sip to another sip. I followed the tutorial to make outbound call and configured everything like it was shown but I'm not able to make a mobile phone call.   I try to understand what I'm doing wrong.   My configuration:  (A)Softphone at home behind nat ------> B(VPS server with public IP address) -------> (C) voip provider   B: Debian with Opensips 3.3.4  C: voip account with public telephone number. I've got username and password   When I make a call from A to mobile just via C it workes in both sides.  When I a call from A to mobile via B and C it replies with 407 status.  I've lookied into sngrep and I see that 407 comes from voip provider and asks for realm of B.   Shouldn't it ask for realm of C?  Should I change from header and/or to header?   Thanks to Bogdan I know that I have to use uac_auth in failure route to authenticate request to voip provider. But still don't understand all the details of that process.  Could You clarify me how packet with authentication to voip provider should look like?   If I don't change 'from' or 'to' headers it gives me 407 status.  If I change from and to headers like it is a request from softphone directly xonnected to voip provider it gives me bad request status.   If I change headers isn't it a b2bua scenerio?  If not changing headers how voip provider choose for which realm it should be authenticated? By domain part of uri?   I can attach config file and screen shots from sngrep if it will be simpler to undersyand what's going on.   Regards,  Radek
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