[OpenSIPS-Users] AUTH module HA hash question

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Mon Apr 10 12:21:10 UTC 2023

On 10.04.2023 14:07, Yury Kirsanov wrote:
> I'm actually NOT using any type of DB, hence the problem, how do I 
> specify multiple hashes with $var(password) for different auth types, 
> as per the documentation?

I think there is a bit of confusion on the "timings" when the 
multi-algorithm "xxx_challenge()" function is used vs. the 
single-algorithm reply verification for the client step.  As such:

* during the challenge step, you simply invoke xxx_challenge(MD5, 
SHA256), to advertise multiple challenge headers to the client
* during the verification step, you are supposed to read the 
*$auth.alg*, thus "learning" what the auth algorithm the client selected 
(*modern*** phone vs. *classic* phone, i.e. SHA256 or MD5), then
     populate *$var(password)***with the corresponding hash selected 
from your cache or database

Hope this helps,

Liviu Chircu
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