[OpenSIPS-Users] AUTH module HA hash question

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Mon Apr 10 10:33:38 UTC 2023

Hi, Yuri!

On 09.04.2023 17:27, Yury Kirsanov wrote:
> Question is - how do I put TWO hashes into this variable if I'm trying 
> to do a 'SHA-256,MD5' authentication, or a 'SHA-256, SHA-512-256' or 
> something like that?
The "password_column" name is a bit unfortunate given there are 3 types 
of hashes as you already observed, but it was kept for 
backwards-compatibility reasons as holder for the MD5 hash :)

The other two hash column module params are right below it in the docs: 
and hash_column_sha512t256 

> I tried putting these values with a comma, with a semicolon, with a 
> '\r\n' but all that leads to is a crash in OpenSIPS without a 
> segfault, like this:
Wow!  Maybe this needs to be looked into...  I'm assuming you had to 
manually edit the DB schema a bit for that extra-long data to fit in, 
right?  If so, I think a crash may be normal / expected, since you are 
using OpenSIPS in a /customized/, /non-standard/ way, so you are on your 

Best regards,

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