[OpenSIPS-Users] Call extender technology failing to work

Saint Michael venefax at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 15:27:00 UTC 2022

Dear friends
I have a call extender technology that is very useful, but it has a
problem, and my support provider, who wrote it, is missing in action.

This is the issue: the call extender technology does not confirm the BYE to
the caller
 if ($avp(hold_seconds) > 0) {
                                        $avp(total_duration) =
$DLG_lifetime + $avp(hold_seconds);


                                        async( sleep($avp(hold_seconds)),
bye_resume );
if that code executes, because hold_seconds > 0, then we don't confim the
BYE and we keep
getting more BYEs.
The call extender technology should confirm the BYE to the caller as
normally, and it does not. It should hold the call open towards the callee,
not the caller. Can you suggest a change in the code?
I guess the new line if code should  be called before
$avp(total_duration) = $DLG_lifetime + $avp(hold_seconds);

Many thanks for your help
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