[OpenSIPS-Users] Failed to trigger pkg stats in logs

Yury Kirsanov y.kirsanov at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 14:39:12 UTC 2022

Hi Bogdan,
Sorry, I just realized that I haven't turned off the auto-scaler for UDP
processes so you're right - that error is for them. I've switched TCP
auto-scaling off due to all my previous issues that I wasn't able to

auto_scaling_profile = PROFILE_UDP
     scale up to 32 on 80% for 4 cycles within 5
     scale down to 2 on 10% for 5 cycles

udp_workers=1 use_auto_scaling_profile PROFILE_UDP


In regards to pkg memory - I only have 32MB as -M parameter, maybe that's
not enough? I'm not sure how to do 'pkg dump' - never tried to do that
before, is this what you're asking about?

Sep 21 18:52:09 ERROR:core:signal_pkg_status: failed to trigger pkg stats
for process 45
 opensips-cli -x mi ps
    "Processes": [
            "ID": 45,
            "PID": 310115,
            "Type": "SIP receiver udp:103.x.x.x:7060"
root at osgw1:~# opensips-cli -x mi mem_pkg_dump 310115
ERROR: command 'mem_pkg_dump' returned: 500: Internal error

Best regards,
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