[OpenSIPS-Users] Push notification

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Tue Sep 20 12:51:53 UTC 2022

On 15.09.2022 10:09, Sergey Pisanko wrote:
> Hello.
> I have read this article about push notification support according to 
> rfc 8599 in Opensips 3.1
> https://blog.opensips.org/2020/05/07/sip-push-notification-with-opensips-3-1-lts-rfc-8599-supportpart-i/
> But I stay confused about one thing.It may be considered to be a  
> "newbie question", but... What can be an "entity" (3rd party app/API)
> with help of which I can create a subscription for Message Service 
> (for example Firebase) to get the needed "pn" parameters to be 
> inserted into the register sip request?

Hi Sergey,

Usually, that "entity" is an application on the respective marketplace.  
For Firebase, it would be an Android App with a unique AppID on the Play 
Store, allowing you to request that PNs get sent for your ecosystem's 
devices (soft phones) on behalf of your AppID.  For APNS, it would 
probably be a similar App Store App, with its own unique ID and a 
similar mechanism.

Usually, the developer documentation for each platform should include 
guides on how to request the PNs using some REST calls, once you 
register your App and obtain your App ID.

Hope this helps,

Liviu Chircu
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