[OpenSIPS-Users] no TLS client domain found error

Jehanzaib Younis jehanzaib.kiani at gmail.com
Tue May 17 13:32:07 UTC 2022


I am having trouble to send/receive OPTIONS to ms teams.
Using the dispatcher module. The socket is defined as tls:*mysbcip*:5061
Looks like when my opensips (3.2.x) tries to send OPTIONS. it is giving me
the following error

ERROR:proto_tls:proto_tls_conn_init: no TLS client domain found
ERROR:core:tcp_conn_create: failed to do proto 3 specific init for conn
ERROR:core:tcp_async_connect: tcp_conn_create failed
ERROR:proto_tls:proto_tls_send: async TCP connect failed
ERROR:tm:msg_send: send() to for proto tls/3 failed
ERROR:tm:t_uac: attempt to send to

I am setting the Contact as <sip:mytlsdomain:5061;transport=tls>

Looks like the client domain is used for outgoing TLS connection but no
idea which domain i need to add here. The socket is my opensips ip address.

Has anyone seen a similar kind of behaviour?

Thank you.

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